How can you improve your posture while sitting?

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How can you improve your posture while sitting?

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How can you improve your posture while sitting?

    As many people have been spending longer periods at home either working or binge-watching Netflix, we have seen an influx of patients complaining of tension and aches around the neck and back. We thought it would be a great idea to share a more ideal sitting position to help alleviate this feeling.


    Let’s get stuck into it


    Our pelvis and spine are closely related so if one is working a bit too hard, the other is slacking off a bit. Most people tend to prefer either a rounded back or an arched back which can lead to that tense or achy feeling. By placing your fingers on your hips, arch your back then tuck your tummy to find a comfortable position in the middle. Placing a rolled-up towel behind your back or purchasing a lumbar support can help maintain this position. Make sure that your computer screen is at or below eye level with your elbows by your side. This encourages to keep the shoulder blades pinched together easing the tension in our upper traps. Lastly, tuck your chin in to give the larger neck muscles a rest and alleviate tension around the neck.


    In saying this, remaining in the same posture for prolonged durations will lead to stiffness and tension regardless. It’s more important to focus on regular movement and the ability to adjust yourself rather than fixating on that one perfect posture.


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