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How to choose the right shoes

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    Everyone’s feet have different characteristics and traits, so it’s important that your shoes don’t just look fabulous but are the most suitable choice for your feet. Just any old shoe won’t do the job so it’s best to try a variety of shoes to find the perfect pair.


    Shoe Checklist

  • Leave room for the toes to wriggle: Make sure that your shoes have enough room so that it doesn’t squash your toes. There should be a thumbs width between your toes and the point of the shoe.
  • Tie those laces tight: Look for shoes with laces going right up to ankle, this will do a better job at keeping that shoe on your foot. Otherwise you can get Velcro.
  • The bend test: A shoe should be nice and flexible around our toe joints. If you’re able to bend it with ease, you’ll be running like Cathy Freeman in no time.
    bend test

  • Give the heel a squeeze: When squeezing the back of the shoe, it should firm and stable. This will stop your heel from sliding out and make for a better fit.
    Heel test

  • Round the twist: Giving the shoe a twist can tell us a lot about the soles. Shoes with minimal twisting provide us with more stability and help shift our weight while walking and running.

    John’s super-secret podiatrist tips:

  • A new pair of shoes should be immediately comfortable, breaking in shoes is a myth.
  • Buy shoes later in the day as this is when your feet are at their largest.

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