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We can help with your pain and you can move better again

Clinical Pilates

Awaken your core strength! Improve your posture and enhance your sports performance

Podiatry: The Running Pod

Leg, ankle and foot biomechanics: Walking and Running starts from a well aligned foot

GaitScan & Orthotics

Step into perfect alignment and walk pain free

Motion Metrix

Digitally Analyse your walking and running technique to see how you can optimise your movement efficiency and reduce your injury rate

Shockwave Therapy

The latest technology to reduce chronic pain in 3 sessions

Massage Therapy

Release the tension and feel the difference with experienced and expert hands


Free Initial Assessment
Our physiotherapists and podiatrist will assess your injuries and pain at no cost to you.
Open 7 days

To suit your time, we have extended opening hours.

Monday to Thursday 9AM to 8PM (Varied times til 7.30PM due to Covid-19)

Friday 9AM to 6PM

Saturday and Sunday 9AM to 1PM