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The main concept of Pilates is developed on core strength. There are many benefits to Pilates including building overall strength and endurance, increasing flexibility, coordination and reducing stress level. It’s a low impact and intense workout using spring and body weight resistance.


It’ll help develop your core strength to improve your posture in daily life and sporting performance. Pilates is great, especially if you suffer from chronic conditions such as low back pain or sports injuries.


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Reformer Pilates is a fun way to exercise to unleash your core potential. Our instructors will be providing a number of set exercises for everyone to enjoy their workout. Improve your postures or sport performance by attending our classes!


We offer 4 types of Classes: Remember these are set exercise classes :)


  • If you’ve never done Pilates, we recommend attending at least one foundation class. Our instructor will guide you to use the reformers safely and most importantly teach you about pelvic floor, transverse abdominal activation and breathing. This will help maximise your performance in our future classes.


  • Waking up your body to exercise and start building your core strength!


  • Need to sweat a little? Try our intermediate class, you’ll definitely feel energised and worked to the core!


  • A more paced class that is structured to your senior needs.

If you are concerned about your current fitness/condition, we recommend starting with our Foundation, or simply contact one of our friendly staff to help you decide.

10% discount for Pension Card Holders!


To book a session, please purchase a package below (02) 9746 6622 or click to our Class Timetable


Would you prefer a private session to maximise your fitness needs?
We offer 1 on 1 private sessions or simply bring a friend or 2 to enjoy a workout together. These sessions are great for those who love extra attention or just need tailored exercises for their specific conditions.  The classes are suitable for pregnant women, or for those that would like to optimise their pilates progress with their friends.


What to bring:

Please bring in your socks – preferably non-slip socks as they will provide you with a bit of friction and grip under the soles of your feet. If you don’t have time to find them, you can purchase it in our clinic.
We provide anti-bacterial wipes so you’ll be working out in a clean environment.
Lastly your water bottle to help you rehydrate after you sweat!