Benefits of Pilates

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How is Pilates going to help me?


    • Full-body workout: Yes of course, Pilates is a great way to challenge and strengthen your core muscles but in fact it’s also great at strengthening your entire body. Our physios are creative enough to incorporate different muscle groups to make sure you wake up nice and sore the next morning
    • Get those gains: The Matwork Pilates classes mainly focus on strengthening your core but the reformers use incredibly advanced technology…… of using springs for resistance. This means you’re able to challenge every muscle in your body while sculpting washboard abs at the same time.
    • Posture: Conditions such as low back pain is often related to weak core strength or a lack of coordination between core muscles. This is because our core muscles play a vital role in maintaining an ideal posture. Reformer Pilates is an excellent way to strengthen those core muscles and to apply that strength and coordination to more functional tasks and exercises.

Prior to participating in the equipment classes, we recommend that new clients either try out the Reformer Foundation Classes or book a one on one session with a physio to go over the concept of core strength.